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While leaving myra looks at the same girl from her dreams walking on the road she suddenly apply breaks but she get vanished from her sight in the forest. MYRA comes to realize that the woman she has been watching in her dreams is real and runs behind her back to the haunted hill mansion at the same time Shree reaches at the haunting hill mansion and gets a glimpse of myra running toward a room and after following her into a room where he finds out a dead girl and Myra is missing . The scene gets more complicated for shree when he finds out a phone ringing in the same room and arjun singh is calling on it.
Soon Arjun singh confesses that all the scary things happened with them was plotted by him, christy, Omi and Eesha were also a part of his plan to take revenge of Shree’s death but he doesn’t know who killed Eesha.he is also not connected with the disappearance of Myra.

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