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Damroo and Shree are besties. But they are very dumb. Whatever they do they fail to make it. Always they end up with lose. Once they get an offer of a Shop which is within a cheap deal. They arrange the money somehow and buy the shop. They start working very hard and they bring best result out of it. One fine day when they go to the shop, they see a JCB machine is thrashing their shop with others. When they enquire about it they find that it’s Mayor’s order. They plan to kidnap Mayor but they are not able to do so because Mayor always is full of security. Then they see a girl who is coming in and out of the same house. They assume her might be Mayor Daughter and decide to kidnap her. And then they kidnap her. She enjoys her kidnap a lot, because she got kidnapped for first time. They take her to middle of the forest. But next day morning she finds no facilities suitable for her so she tries to escape from there but they get her back. She repeats the same, they bring her back again. Now she plays the tricks of loving both. From here they both start fighting for her. Once four rouges fully drunk try to rape her, Damroo is fully frustrated and he too drunk, he doesn’t bother for that but Shree reacts and beats them. From there onwards she starts loving Shree seriously. She finds their problems, Why they kidnapped her, all other emotional factors of their life. Now Shree wants her to go home but she doesn’t. Once they are wandering forest, they see some naxals and they made someone hostage. Heroine recognizes him as her dad, the same Mayor. There is small discussion about our System. In their conversation Naxals represent Elite and Rich group of businessmen, Mayor as System or authority level and Damroo and Shree as Poor. Aksh and Shree explain how difficult it is to start a small shop for poor. They have to face many rules and regulations but it’s not for rich business man. How difficult it is to get loan for poor people and when they are not able to repay it what happen to them, everyone knows. But businessman like Malya has debt of 7000crores but they are roaming happily. At last they rescue Mayor from Naxals. Happy Ending …..


Movies carry powerful in-built messages. Through them, It becomes easier to get a point across. This movie is all about focusing on Comman man’s fight against Government. Its not easy to survive in this corrupted and mean society especially for a poor. All benefits of the system is meant for higher class or for elite but curse for poor. If you want to work, you won’t get any job. You need money you can’t get any loan. This story is all about how two idiots challenge the System.

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